You See The Oddest Things At Gas Stations

You never know what you may encounter when fueling up your car at these gas stations!  LOL



Someone Threw Up The Batman Symbol…Here He Isgas04 That awkward moment when the criminals are getting away and batman runs out of gas…

The 800 Ton Dino In The Roomgas07Domesticated dinosaurs are the new hot house pet. They are actually very calm during road trips. They need fuel too, though!

By Far The Coolest Car I’ve Ever Seengas10 The last spot at the gas station looked like it was mine, then this guy just swooped in out of nowhere.

How Much Chuck Teeth Wood Can Chuck Teeth Chuck?gas13How much wood could a wood Chuck chuck if a wood Chuck could chuck wood? Oh wait, of course he can, he can do anything.

Should’ve Gone With The Towing Packagegas16Maximum clearance? Challenge accepted!

Top O’ The Evenin’ To Yagas19M’gas station.

Banana Phone gas02Ring, ring, ring, ring ~~

Bear Is On The Loose!gas05He’s pissed that Goldilocks is eating all his food because he took 5 extra minutes to stop for gas on the way home.

Cat In The Hat With Eyepatch Man, That’s Thatgas08Do NOT let this man buy any candy in the convenience store…

The Unleaded And Wedded Partygas11When gas prices dropped, people couldn’t help but celebrate. Some were so happy, they decided to get married right on the spot!

The Safest Baby Carriagegas14Redneck gas stations are crazy.

Quit Hogging My Space!gas17

Call It the Taxi-Dermist gas20Something tells me this guy should not be allowed to have any pets…

Ghost Busted Your Phone?gas03Quick, get to the Banana Phone! I have someone to call…

Brown Piece Of Something On Wheelsgas06Quad exhaust pipes to keep the scent away.

Gas Is Not Meant For Humans gas09You know this sign was only made because somebody created a need for it.

Clearancegas12This embarrassed truck tried to hide under the canopy, but it wouldn’t even cover his face. How embarrassing is that?

It’s A Shoe Ingas15 There was an old lady who lived in a shoe. She got tired of the neighborhood and decided to just leave. Who knew her house was on wheels all this time?

Arrest Megas18You’re all arrested for trespassing!



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