Travel Accessories You May Not Need But Will Surely Want

These travel accessories may not be necessary but they sure would be useful and very handy for any frequent travellers!

Tillow: The Beach Towel + Pillow

This is the perfect invention for beach bums! When all you want to do is to lie down on the beach and perfect your tan, or go for a quick swim in the ocean after, Tillow allows you to do all that with a peace of mind. Not only you can stop piling up sand underneath your towel to create a headrest; you don’t need to carry a beach bag to stash all your gadgets and valuables for when you head to the water and hope that no one will steal them. Tillow allows you to keep your valuables safe, your head rested and your gadget away from sand with it’s touchscreen window, designed for all smartphones & media devices, so you can switch songs, compile playlists and send messages without risk of damage.


SteriPen: Ultraviolet Bacteria Killing Water Wand

Do you know the World Health Organization (WHO) attributes 80% of all travel diseases to contaminated drinking water?  In many countries, water systems do not purify water adequately to ensure it is safe to drink. Water pipes sometimes have leaks allowing water contamination and it might contain a variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa. So when visiting countries with at-risk water supplies, SteriPEN quickly and easily turns questionable water into safe drinking water in under two minutes. With SteriPEN portable UV water purification, either you are exploring Amazon or roaming in China, you can enjoy your trip without the fear of becoming ill from unsafe water.


Tile: Tracking Tags

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want is for your valuables to go missing, but all too often, keys or a bag will get misplaced. Tile is a helpful way to find anything – it’s a small square tracker that can be attached to your stuff and tracked using Bluetooth 4.0. allowing your iOS devices to keep tabs on your stuff within range between 50 and 150 feet. Tiles are inexpensive, waterproof, easy to set up, include a set of double-sided adhesive and built-in speakers to help you find your gear. The best thing is that the battery lasts for a year before you recycle it, so it never needs charging!


Micro Luggage: Wheely Awesome

Why walk when you can skate? Introducing Micro Luggage from Switzerland – a skateboard, bag and trolley in one. It is designed to help you move quickly and effortlessly through airports. Folds up into conventional wheeled luggage and the handlebar retracts for carrying. It’s approved as hand luggage with most airlines and fits into overhead luggage compartments. It also comes with an extendible integrated handlebar. Weight: 5 kg, case capacity 26 litres.



Another simple solution for beach lovers. Now with SlotFlops, you can definitely go strolling by the beach hands-free, no lugging around small bags to stash that cash, a credit card or room key. It’s a simple solution with the camouflage and all but if only the designs came a little less black and a bit more ‘beachy’ like.


HoodiePillow Travel

Personally, this HoodiePillow Travel is my favorite. Simply a genius invention – a perfect inflatable travel neck pillow for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are. The Travel HoodiePillow® provides inflatable neck support and ultimate Cocoonification™ on-the-go! Just pop one on and travel in style and comfort with HoodiePillow.


Hygienna Solo: The Portable Bidet

If you come from an Asian country like me, you will be used to having a water pipe in the loo. But as you travel around the world, you might come across some ‘dry’ toilets and start to freak out if you find only tissues in there. Not anymore with this portable bidet, Hygienna Solo will transform your loo experience anywhere. The Hygienna Solo is a discreet nozzle that transforms plastic water bottles into a personal and portable hygiene device or bidet. With a simple squeeze of the bottle, you can obtain a superior cleaning experience anywhere and anytime. It weighs only 15g and 3″ in height, so it can be easily and discreetly carried in your pocket, purse, brief case or bag.


Crumpled City: Soft city maps for urban jungles

This is a contemporary reinvention of the most basic travel tool – the map. Go old-school for once and save your roaming data plan for something else. They are the lightest maps in the world: indestructible, soft, they can be crumpled, squashed and crushed into a ball. What’s more, the more battered they are, the better they look. Crumpled City collection includes the most interesting cities on the globe with details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more. Weighing only 21 grams, 87×58 cm, it is super resistant and 100% waterproof.


Re-Timer: Glasses to Fight Jet lag

Nobody likes to deal with jet lag. If you are taking long trips, you will end up experiencing it. The Re-Timer glasses is designed to help you get over jet lag. It helps increase your energy and reduce fatigue by shining an LED light in your eyes. You can still look ahead and not end up blinded. It’s a nice little gadget for frequent flyers, winter blues, and shift workers. Your sleep-wake cycle is timed by an invisible clock called your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is naturally timed by bright light being absorbed by photoreceptors in your eyes. International or cross continent travel can interfere with your circadian rhythm resulting in tiredness and fatigue. Re-Timer provides a UV-free green light source shown in university trials to be the optimal wavelength to re-time the circadian rhythm, allowing you to reduce jet lag.


Memobottle: Water Bottle Reinvented

Bored of carrying round water bottles that will hog the space in your overnight bag? Introducing Memobottle – the most creative and brilliant rework of the water bottle,  a format that’s a lot better suited to today’s bags than the classical tubular versions. Leak-proof, BPA-free and dishwasher safe, these Tritan bottles come in three paper-inspired sizes: A5, A4, and letter — and hold between 750mL (A5) to 1.25L (A4, letter) of water. You might just want to be extra careful to keep the lid really tight if you’re putting it alongside your pricey laptop!

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The Clear Card

For frequent domestic travelers, the Clear Card can be a huge help. Clear Card holders have to apply online, issue two forms of ID, and submit their biometric data. This serves as a replacement for security measures taken by TSA: At 20 airports across the United States, Clear Card holders can breeze right past security!


Mod Laptop Organizer

This handy case will organize all your office supplies in addition to housing your laptop. Never get caught untangling your headphones again!


Cabeau 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter

It looks like a Lego, but is so, so much more. The Cabaue 4-in-1 Travel adapter is compact, and houses adapters that work in over 150 countries!


Travel Smart Mini Iron

If wrinkly clothing is your pet peeve, living out a suitcase can be a nightmare. This little baby heats of to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to press your shirts to perfection before your big meeting.


Motion Sensitive Portable Travel Alarm

If you’re traveling to an unsafe area, you might want a little extra protection. You can attach this alarm to a door or window, and it will sound if intruders try to enter the room.


Sigmo Translator

Though you might look crazy holding it up to people’s mouths, this is actually really awesome. The Sigmo translates 25 languages as they are spoken. Basically, it’s an amazing travel robot from the future, and we should all have one.


GoPro Hero4

It’s not spurring that the GoPro Hero made it onto the list: It’s the best quality, most durable camera for travel on the market today.


PolarPro PowerPole Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks might be obnoxious when seen in restaurants or museums, but when you’re traveling, the odds are that you’ll want some great landscape photos (with you in them). This makes the PolarPro PowerPole Selfie Stick an essential item for your next sojourn.


Skyview Travel Tray Mount

On long flights, it’s easy for your arms to grow tired of holding a bulky iPad or hardcover book. The travel mount allows you to hook it to the back of your seat for hands free entertainment.


Knee Defender

Possibly the most heavily-debated item on this list is this Knee Defender, a contraption that prevents the person in front of you from reclining their seat. We’ll stay out of the fray on this one, but what we WILL say is this: The Knee Defender is awesome if you’re the one in the back.


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