Amish Facts Most People Wouldn’t Know

Little-Known Amish Facts

The Amish evoke lots of pleasant associations. Quiet, austere lives spent in close relationship with the land. Simple aesthetics. Family values and unostentatious piety. But, like any culture, the Amish are more complicated than their stereotype. There is a lot about the Amish you probably don’t know.

Were you aware that marriage is mandatory in Amish communities? Or that they refuse to pay into social security?

These facts about the Amish might revise some of the assumptions you had about what life in their world actually looks like. Some of their cultural practices are charming, and some are downright bizarre.

The Amish Were Originally Mennonites


The Amish were originally named after Jakob Ammann, a Swiss Anabaptist who belonged to the Mennonite Church. Ammann was a biblical literalist whose views alienated many of his Mennonite peers.

Ammann was the head of a religious sect within the Mennonite Church that eventually broke away and formed its own community. That community is what we now refer to as the Amish.

The Amish Aren’t Baptized Until They’re 16

In order to be confirmed as an adult member of the Amish community, you must first be baptized. The Amish baptism is different than the Catholic baptism, primarily in that it occurs between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five.

Until they are baptized, young Amish are not permitted to marry. Once they are baptized, they are allowed to marry only within their own community.

The Amish Practice Nonresistance

The Amish, like many other Christian sects such as the Quakers, are nonviolent. Their spiritual views are incompatible with violence and nonviolence is a policy strictly adhered to.

Amish men and women do not and cannot volunteer for the military. This did not stop the US government from drafting Amish men during World War II.

During WWII, the Amish experienced persecution for not participating in the War willingly.

Amish Dolls Are Faceless


The Amish believe that vanity is a sin. In order to discourage too much concern over appearance, they give their children faceless dolls to play with.

The belief is that the faceless dolls will draw the child’s attention away from superficial appearances.


Perhaps the most famous cultural tradition, Rumspringa is a brief period of time during a young Amish person’s transition to adulthood when they are permitted to experience life among the “English,” the Amish term for non-Amish people.

The rules of Rumspringa vary from community to community, but the general idea is that an Amish child who is about to become an adult is sent out into the world to experience a different way of life. They must then make a decision whether or not to be confirmed as Amish. If they decide to sever ties with their birth community, they are often shunned for the rest of their lives.

Rumspringa is typically associated with excess. Whether or not the real, lived Rumspringa is a booze-fueled party is less clear.

The Amish Don’t Play Instruments


Have you ever heard Amish music? Probably not. If you have, there were probably no instruments backing the vocals.

This is because the Amish believe musical instruments encourage pride and vanity. A reasonable point, perhaps.

All Amish music is performed a capella.

The Amish Are Growing

Humans Are Free

The Amish constitute a very small proportion of the American population. However, the Amish are growing in number.

Between 2000 and 2017, the Amish population swelled from about 175,000 individuals to 300,000.

A typical Amish family will have about six to seven children.

They follow strict gender roles


Amish gender relations are very much not in keeping with the English sensibility. Gender roles are strictly adhered to, with women performing most or all of the housekeeping duties.

Amish women are expected to be wives and mothers, while Amish men perform farming labor.

In the Amish world, women are also expected to defer to their husbands’ wishes.

The Amish Do Shun

The Amish are famous for their policy of “shunning” wayward members of their flock, who transgress against an Amish ethical standard.

When someone is shunned, the blackout is less complete than sometimes portrayed. It is erroneously believed that nobody is allowed to speak to the shunned, but this is not always true. What is true is that the shunned person experiences various kinds of social stigma, like a ban on doing business with them, or being forced to eat all meals at a table by themselves.

Shunning is meant to punish, and to draw the shunned person back into the values of the church.


When someone in the Amish community commits a transgression that is severe enough, they may be excommunicated entirely.

They are banned from any form of communication with members of their Amish community, including family. They are also cast out of the village.

Anyone who is caught having any dealings with the excommunicated will also be excommunicated themselves.

They Drive Horses And Buggies

Popular Mechanics

The Amish are not permitted to use any modern machinery that requires electricity. There are allegedly people who break this rule in secret.

One of the banned technologies is the automobile. The Amish use horses and buggies for transportation. Young Amish also commonly use roller skates.

The Amish believe that having a car reduces that member’s reliance on the rest of the community for assistance, a bad thing.

They Do Actually Raise Barns

Along with the horse and buggy, the beard, and Rumspringa, perhaps the most famous Amish trope is the barn raising. Barn raising ceremonies do happen, and are culturally important.

Barn raisings occur when the Amish community combines their efforts to construct a barn for someone.

It is considered an important gesture of community solidarity.

Church Is Held In Living Rooms

Some Amish communities have designated church buildings in which religious services are held. However, they’re the exception to a rule.

Typically, Amish religious services are held on a rotating weekly basis in various community members’ homes.

This practice may be a holdover from the early days of Amish life, when they were still persecuted by the Mennonites.

Beards Have Symbolic Weight

As mentioned earlier, Amish men are famous for their long beards. Much like everything with the Amish, the beard has cultural significance.

An Amish man is only permitted to grow a beard once they marry. In fact, it is mandatory.

Amish men, however, are not allowed to grow mustaches.

The Meaning Of The Blue Dress

The Amish Clothesline

Women also have a system for signaling whether or not they are married. An Amish woman must sew herself a blue dress for their wedding day.

Married Amish women continue to wear the blue dress on Sundays, to religious services.

 The Amish Are Conservative

NBC 10

As could be expected, the Amish have a complicated and ambiguous relationship with politics. Where they are politically engaged, they tend to vote Republican.

There are, of course, exceptions. There are also many Amish who believe that matters of public affairs should be kept entirely separate from religious life.

Regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof, the Amish still believe that Biblical law supersedes secular law.

Children Go To One-Room Schoolhouses

Amish children are usually educated in one-room schoolhouses. Classes are taught by a community member.

When the children grow to a certain age, they are required to undertake vocational training in the larger community.

Typically, this training is oriented towards farming, carpentry, weaving, or other skills that are useful in the Amish community.

No Photos

The Amish subscribe to the belief that it is unlawful to voluntarily have one’s picture taken. Outside visitors to Amish communities are routinely issued strong warnings not to attempt to take photos of the Amish.

This belief stems from the fact that a fixed image is unnatural, and therefore a potential inroad for Satanic influence.

The Dabbler

One of the reasons why the Amish community is growing is that it is exceptionally rare for members to eschew Amish life. An estimated eighty to ninety percent of young Amish who participate in Rumspringa choose to remain in their birth community.

When you weigh a year of binge drinking against never being able to see your family again, it’s understandable why they would make that choice. It may also be a testament to the strength of the Amish community, or a weakness in our own.


Public History Corner

Remarkably, some Amish sects do permit their members to use cell phones. Most, however, do not.

Many Amish communities maintain a “community phone,” a single phone used to contact the English world.

Amish DUIs

The police consider a horse and buggy to be a vehicle. When driving a horse and buggy, therefore, the Amish are still subject to intoxication laws.

Alcohol is generally not sanctioned among the Amish, but there have been DUI horse and buggy cases.

Unsurprisingly, it is much more common for a young Amish person to get a DUI than an older one.

Dating Amish


It is forbidden for an Amish person to have a romantic relationship with anyone who is not a member of their community.

As a rule, Amish communities do not allow their members to court or marry the English. Some Amish sects are so strict that their members are not even permitted to have a relationship with an Amish person from a different community.

The Amish Have Less Cancer

Daily Health Post

The Amish sacrifice the majority of modern conveniences in order to pursue their way of life. One of the benefits is that the Amish have a lower incidence of cancers.

While we don’t know for certain exactly why this is the case, people have speculated that it may have something to do with their food.

Almost all of the food the Amish eat is cultivated from Amish land. The Amish are also heavily reliant on hard physical labor, keeping them in better shape for longer.

Some Amish Run Puppy Mills

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past five years, you’ve probably seen someone post about puppy mills. Puppy mills are dog breeding operations that sell puppies to chain pet stores. The puppies often live in squalid conditions before being shipped out.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania bears the dubious distinction of being the puppy mill capital of the country. Many of the Lancaster mills are run by the Amish.

Amish Crime

There is a single documented case of homicide within an Amish community. A mentally ill man named Edward Gingerich killed his wife Katie.

Gingerich served five years in prison before killing himself by hanging in 2011.

Life inside the Amish communities may not be as rosy as we perceive it to be from the outside. Multiple people who grew up in Amish communities have come forward with frightening accounts of domestic abuse and rape.


The Amish, as mentioned earlier, do not participate in the military. They also do not participate in any government-run assistance or insurance programs.

Amish people do not have social security cards. When they do, it’s only in order to opt out of Social Security and Medicare tax.

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Celebrity Instagram Photos Hilariously Recreated By Celeste Barber

Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian, definitely has a talent for recreating Celebrity Instagram photos that will literally have you laughing your ass off.  Check them out!


1.  Dear hot husband, STOP acting like you love it!


2  Living the dream


3.  You guys make me want to hang my head out the window and scream “I’m better than everyone!”


4.  Pull your hair.  Put on a full length jacket (if budget allows) and fall in the water.


5.  Selfie game strong…


6.  Bums…Balls…Boobs.


7.  Being a Model is much harder than you think.


8.  Privileged people only travel in style.


9.  Put your swimmers on.  Get a chicken…and take a photo.


10 Hiking and twerking, obviously.


11.  Don’t you hate it when you are doing your nails and you get a cramp?


12. Remember to believe in your dreams.


13. Lady Gaga an I progressing nicely at Paddle Board Yoga.


14. Waking up feeling SEXY.


15. Real love is perfect, flawless, acrobatic, stylised, timed and photogenic.


16. F**k YOU gravity!


17. Put on a Gimp an Iron Man mask and lie in the sand.


18. Goooood morning Saturday!


19. Hygiene is BIG business.


20. Us Aussies know how to keep it nice.  Am I right?


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How Likely Are You To Cheat? See What Your Horoscope Sign Might Reveal

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Virgos are often reliable, smart and practical. But they can be perfectionists, cranky and negative. All these different sides of you add up to you being faithful, although you may cheat out of spite. Try to stay level-headed and work on making your current thing perfect.

horoscope virgo6


Pisces are people who truly feel. Artistic in nature, they are also generous, compassionate and faithful. Though you have bouts of sadness and many fears, you detest being alone. Therefore, you are very likely NOT to cheat. But if you do happen to, you’ll feel much guilt over it for a long time. Having an equally creative and kind partner will boost your own good qualities and keep you stuck to them.

horoscope pieces12


Everyone knows Leos like to be the center of attention. But they are also proud, courageous and loyal. Despite your loyalty, your need to be in the spotlight may cause you to wander away to someone who will put you on a pedestal. Make sure your partner knows you need extra attention like gifts and sex.

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An aquarius is hard not to love. They are truthful, fair and affectionate. Yet you may be unpredictable and you’re interested in many things, so it makes it hard for you to focus on just one. Though you are flirty, you are a one guy/gal kinda person. Lock that down!

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While Cancers are very emotional, they still need stability. You may be pessimistic about your current relationship, but your loyalty will make you less likely to cheat than other signs. While you often put others first, you may drag on a dead relationship for fear of hurting the other person.

horoscope cancer4


Determination and ambition are both enviable qualities. You are, however, also conceited and untrusting. Both the positives and negatives about you may want you to jump in the sack with someone at work. You need a partner who is as driven and career focused as you. No scrubs!

horoscope capricorn10


Ah, the twins. Gemini have a lot of facets to their personality, which makes them indecisive. Their good qualities are that they are sociable, communicative and fun. But because you are restless, you might get swept away by a stranger who can give you what your current partner cannot. Try making a list of your current man/woman’s positive traits and learn to fall in love with them again.

horoscope gemini3


Curious, energetic and extroverted, a Sagittarius loves life. Because of your wanderlust, you often grow impatient. You are also bad at keeping things on the DL, so an affair wouldn’t be kept secret. You could stray if your partner isn’t giving you what you need in the bedroom. So communicate with your S.O. and tell them to spice it up.

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Taurus are reliable, sensual, loyal and practical. They are, however, stubborn and possessive. While you might see the word “loyal” and think you won’t cheat, being sensual is also a major part of your personality. There’s a good chance you might look elsewhere. While others rely on you, it’s hard for you to rely on others. Spice up things with your partner in the bedroom!

horoscope taurus2


Scorpios are notoriously sexy and passionate. They like to sow their wild oats, be as fierce as Tyra and intense with everything and everyone. But you actually crave security and devotion making you less likely to cheat than find that special someone for the long haul.

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Aries are supposed to be spontaneous, daring, active and energetic. In their faults, Aries are vain, egotistic and impatient. So it’s no wonder they have a wandering eye. If you’re partner doesn’t put your first, you have a tendency to say, “Bye, Felicia!” Communication is especially important when you are an Aries.

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Hot and heavy, Libras appreciate the beautiful things in life. You might stress yourself out because it’s hard for you to say no to people. You’d think it’d make sense for you to be a cheater, you probably won’t do it physically. But you will admire prospects from afar. There’s nothing wrong with a little crush!

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A Ton Of F*cks

ton of fucks

You’re born with a ton of fucks to give, so you spend them like a kid with a credit card. You give fucks about your friends, about your grades, about your fashion sense, about strangers’ opinions. You give way too many fucks about way too many things. You have so many.

Then, as you get older, you have maybe 10 fucks per month, so you learn to budget them. You allocate fucks to family and career, but there aren’t enough fucks to give to the newest fads. Oh, someone at work has something they need my help with that’s outside my job title? I’ll do my best to allocate some fucks, but this month is pretty tight.

Then, as you get even older, you’re down to 1-2 fucks per month, and those fucks are pretty damn precious. You give them to your family and your hobbies and your job, and that’s kinda it. It’s not your fault – fucks expire too quickly. I would’ve liked to save my fucks from when I was younger, but I can’t.

Then, you hit fuck insolvency. You’re getting like 1 fuck a year, and you have to make it last. So you go without, and even previously fuck-worthy things, you just can’t give a fuck. Some people run out really quickly, Some people have a fuck trust fund that pays out a decent amount even into old age.

But at some point, the fuck faucet runs completely dry and you’re out of fucks to give. It’s just basic Fuckonomics.


The Fat Jew


Guy Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Hearing Kids Abusive Remarks To His Mother

This guy may or may not have taught the abusive little brat anything but I bet it was an experience he won’t soon forget!  LMAO


guy-farts-on-kid-1 guy-farts-on-kid-2guy-farts-on-kid-3guy-farts-on-kid-4guy-farts-on-kid-5guy-farts-on-kid-6guy-farts-on-kid-7guy-farts-on-kid-8guy-farts-on-kid-9Source: weknowmemes


Student Captures People’s Faces When Told They Are Beautiful

An 18 year old student from Chicago, named Shea Glover, conducted an independent project which evidently turned into a social experiment regarding beauty.

She invited a bunch of people, some of whom she knew, some total strangers, and asked them to pose in front of her camera. As they were standing there, Glover would tell them the purpose of her project:

“I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful,” she said…

The impact of her words had a very emotional effect on her subjects.  Check out the pictures and the video below to see the effect of what one kind word can do for you.


student beautiful02

student beautiful03

student beautiful04

student beautiful05

student beautiful06

student beautiful07

Watch the full video below and see their reactions for yourself:

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Design Fails That Should Have Been Discovered Prior To Completing

I think they need to go back to the drawing board with these design fails! LOLOL


With that sticking out, and the yellow around, couldn’t have been much worse!

Coming ain’t helping either.


Carpeting like a boss!


How do you propose we do that?


That was clearly visible, c’mon…


Mega reason to get in there.


Subliminal inception pencils.


When you make things just perfect, the sign is for noobs.


Should have studied Venn diagrams properly.


Whatever the “F” means…

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Ad Placements You Will Likely Remember

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Hungry Hungry Homerad 01Is this advertising The Simpsons or donuts? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, it’s very clever!

Ramping Up the Advertising ad 02This IBM advertisement is really cool. It says about smart ideas for smart cities and gives a ramp to help people with walking.

Climb Every Mountain ad 03These steps might just look like steps. But for someone who is disabled they’re a mountain. Very effective.

Folgers Coffee ad 04The best part of waking up is Folgers in your… road. Looks a lot better than a manhole doesn’t it?

Watch Out ad 05These straps on public transportation are so clever. They look just like watches. Whenever someone puts a strap around their wrist, it looks as if they are wearing that watch.

Mr. Clean ad 06Look at how well Mr. Clean wiped that line clean!

Homelessness ad 07 This very effectvely shows how hard it is to get off of the street. Homelessness is a big problem.

Hot Wheelsad 08 Better watch out or the kids will want to ride your car through this loop. Pretty cool, huh?

Give Me a Break!ad 09Yum, this bench looks good enough to eat. Don’t you just want a KitKat right now?

Stuttering Awareness ad 10Stuttering is a big problem. This is a great way to show what people who have this problem go through every day. It also gives them a voice.


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Craigslist Ad For Dog Walker Goes Viral

craigslist ad dog walkerVia: ifweweredogs

A dog-walking Craigslist ad has gone viral on the internet, and for good reason: It’s hilarious.

Why you ask?

Well, first here’s the intro:


Are you at the office 23 hours a day in a coke-fueled effort to squeeze every last penny out of your 20’s and 30’s?

Are you going out of town with your post-divorce trophy-girlfriend to visit your slave ship collection in the Barbados?

Do you work for a corporation that received Tarp money?


And then it continues with beauties such as:

Do I have experience walking dogs?


Are you one of those prototypical American success stories who worked your way up from nothing to live the dream, and now you want to gloat over an Ivy League grad who has been reduced to posting a dog-walking classified on skeezy-ass Craigslist?

You can shadow me while I walk! Take pictures of my pathetic face as I handle your dog’s feces with nothing but a plastic bag over my hand! I’ll wear my Princeton lettermen’s Sweater! I might even Cry!



Do I do overnights?


I will sleep in your sweet-ass apartment and tend to your dog while doing it. Don’t want my poor-person skin sullying your ostrich-feather sheets? I’ll sleep on the floor! Don’t want my poor-person hair secreting oils all over the pearl-white tiles? I’ll sleep in the crate with the dog! Sh*t as long as I’m allowed to turn on the heat, I’ll curl up in a ball and sleep in your sink WHILE THE WATER RUNS OVER MY NAKED BODY!

Am I going to steal your jewelry? No I’m not. Am i going to jack your electronics? No way man. Am i gonna eat some of your food? Probably, but nothing you’ll miss, maybe an apple.

Then ends on this note:


I’m a good guy, and I’m just looking to make a little extra cash by chaperoning your dog around your stupid white bread sidewalks. So if your interested in the dopest, most swagged-out LEGEND OF THE UNIVERSE dog-walking champion in Seattle, reply to this ad and we’ll get started in making your dog happier than a Mormon on his honeymoon.

So act now, write me. I’m excited to meet you and your dog, and I’m sure…that your dog is excited to meet me, too.

Serious inquiries only, please

Sadly, this post isn’t actually for real. Mother Jones recently revealed that the postee actually uploaded it as a joke. However, he’s gotten a mountain of replies! As he told them when they reached out for comment:

“Ummm… I posted this as a joke. I have surprisingly gotten people that want me to walk their dogs. Ive got more marriage proposals and offers for sex more than anything. I prefer to remain anonymous but i will tell you that I am married with a daughter and contrary to my post (that is a joke) I make a comfortable living and I’m pretty much your average joe family man. The reason I posted it is to show what happens when you go to college and stack up student loans and dont have a plan afterwards. you’ll turn out having to walk dogs with a sh**ty outlook on society.”

Well played, sir. Well mutherpuppin’ played.


Source: barkpost


Psychological Life Hacks To Give You An Advantage

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Dogs Saying I Love You

We all know dogs love their humans, but have a look at how they actually express it.

Crotch Sniffing

dogsaffection3Ugh, this is an embarrassing one and how we wished our dogs can quit going around sniffing crotches. But before you start screaming at your dog, try to understand it. This behaviour is in fact a dog’s perculiar way of greeting. More importantly, apart from a hello, it allows the dog to understand and remember you through your scent.

Tail Wagging

dogsaffection8 Similar to a cat, a dog’s tail is a communication tool. In fact it is sometimes more accurate in translating its emotions than barking. Held at different positions, a dog’s wag could communicate excitement, fear, threat or submission. If your dog’s tail is held in a relaxed position and wagging all together with its entire butt, it means it is very happy to see you.

Following You Wherever You Go

dogsaffection6This is another behaviour that can get on your nerves, especially when your dog attempts to follow you to work! However, it is only a dog’s way to show his love, devotion and loyalty to you. Wherever you are, that is where your dog wants to be. Dogs are extreme social creatures and unlike humans, there is no need for solitude.

Leaning on You

dogsaffection1Whether you are sitting or standing, your dog is leaning on you and wouldn’t budge. You can’t move and you can’t get on with your daily routine. While you are wondering what they are up to, your dog has already got what they needed: your attention. Getting your attention and giving you their attention by leaning on you is their way of showing affection. Next time this happens, stop what you are doing and reciprocate with some love.


dogsaffection4It is no surprise when you see something like a smile on your dog. Dogs do smile too! Research has found that dogs can also show and use facial expressions similar to how humans do. A dog’s smile is another way of showing his love and joy to his owner. Having said that, most of us are guilty of not recognizing our dog’s smile.

Face Licking

dogsaffection7 Warm, sticky, wet and stinky! We know this can get annoying but licking a person’s face is a love gesture from a dog. Dogs lick faces for a few reasons. Mainly, if your pet dog is licking your face, he is trying to groom you! Grooming is an intimate gesture only done after a strong connection is made between dogs (so now you know he sees you as one of his kind). On the other hand, if a stranger dog licks your face, it is simply trying to say that he is harmless and friendly.

Sleeping with You

Sheltie sleeping with her owner Similar to wild wolve packs, wild dogs curl up together to sleep in the night. Rather than sleeping alone in his designated corner, your dog prefer to snuggle right next to you in your bed. If you catch your dog sneaking onto your bed or falling asleep next to you in your couch, it implies that you are his family.

Taking Care of You When You are Sick

dogsaffection2Does your dog stay by your bed and watch you the whole time while you are nursing a flu? This is its natural instinct to care for a sick or wounded family member, just as they would in the wild. A dog extends its love and care to its sick or injured owner by quietly and patiently watching over him/her. But make sure you hide any superficial wounds away from your dog! It might actually lick your wound as its form of first aid.

They Bring You Gifts

dogsaffection9Last but not least, they bring you gifts….possibly from your flower garden though… but you just gotta love them!  xoxo


Source:  arditor