25 Things You Can Do With Wood Pallets

Pallets are becoming a sensation to many home-owners. They are easy to find and the uses for them are endless. It takes a little creativity, maybe a saw, and you have a beautiful creation using such a simple item.  Check out these awesome ideas!


1.  Build a Shed

pallets012.  Create a Coffee Table

pallets023.  Make a Bed

pallets034.  Unique Staircase

pallets045.  Cheap Couches

pallets056.  Unique Ceiling

pallets067.  Display Your Cups In Style

pallets078.  Beautiful Pallet Floors

pallets089.  Create a Herb Garden

pallets0910. Display your Dishes

pallets1011. Perfect for Sunbathing

pallets1112. Relax on a Fun Bench

pallets1213. Display Art

pallets1314. A Fun Chair in the Shade

pallets1415. Perfect for the Front Porch

pallets1516. Create Dimension in any Room

pallets1617. Use In Your Kitchen for a Counter

pallets1718. Creat an Escape in your Backyard

pallets1819. Perfect for Shoes

pallets1920. Create a Focal Point in any Room

pallets2021. Bring it in the Kitchen to Store Pans

pallets2122. Perfect for Mothers Day

pallets2223. A Nice Relaxing Bench

pallets2324. A Perfect Piece of Furniture

pallets2425. An Original Light Fixture


Source Via: sliptalk.com