Pregnant Women Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costume

These pregnant women didn’t let their pregnancy interfere with getting into the Halloween spirit. Have a look at the very unique and clever costume ideas they came up with.


This master of the art of scaring.

This boogie wonderland.

This unicorn with a dark side.

This mom from a galaxy far, far away.

This punny mama.

This mummy-to-be.

pregnanthalloween06Giovanna Poucel Photography / Via Facebook: Giovanna

This mom who can predict the future.

This mother who came in like a wrecking ball.

This mom who is giving trick-or-treaters a peek-a-boo.

This spirited fan.

This mama who is giving Humpty Dumpty a safe place to rest.

Yikes! This mom who wasn’t afraid to go for the gore.

This pizza-loving mom.

pregnanthalloween13Shannon Smit / Via

This perfect pearl.

This mother who is terrifying the young ones.

This mom who is in full nesting mode.

This work of art who is growing a prize winner.

Source: buzzfeed

Pets Halloween Costumes

Halloween will soon be upon us and if you like to dress up your pets for the special day, here are some awesome ideas for pets Halloween costumes that will have them Trick or Treating in style!


Dragon Guinea Pigpet-halloween-costume-01

Sparky From Franenweenie pet-halloween-costume-02

Bat Kitty pet-halloween-costume-03

Cerberus Guardian Dog pet-halloween-costume-04

Cat – Race Horsepet-halloween-costume-05

Lion Cat pet-halloween-costume-06

Skeleton Horse pet-halloween-costume-07

Super Huskypet-halloween-costume-08

Vampire Hedgehogpet-halloween-costume-hedgehog

Batpug pet-halloween-costume-10

Harry Potter Dogs pet-halloween-costume-11

Princess Leia Kittypet-halloween-costume-12

Skeleton Dog pet-halloween-costume-13

Mario Catpet-halloween-costume-14

Cop And A Burglar Golden Retrievers pet-halloween-costume-15

Source: boredpanda

These Hilarious Horse Halloween Costumes Are The Craziest Thing Ever!

I know people dress up their house pets in Halloween costumes, but move over cats and dogs as here are some very clever costume ideas for your horse.


Knot Just Rope

Rocking Horse

Dino & Pebbles

Itsy Bitsy Spider & Little Miss Muffet


Poodle & ’50s Girl



Spongebob & Gary

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell – Unicorn


Cowardly Lion & Friends

hallhorse10José Castiel



Harry Potter


hallhorse13Josh Levitre

Support Our Troops


Bride & Groom

hallhorse16American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)


hallhorse17Chloe Barnes


hallhorse18American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer