Incredible Horse Sculptures Created From Broken Driftwood

British artist and sculptor Heather Jansch is the gifted individual behind these strong and iconic horse sculptures made entirely from driftwood.

 From the beginning I dreamt of becoming an artist living in a wooded valley with clear flowing water at my door and horses grazing all around.

horsesculptures01In 2000, she was able to realise that dream by purchasing her first home. Located high on the slopes of a steep wooded valley, she created a secluded sculpture garden a few moments walk from her front door, a place to house and display her pieces.


Twice a year she opens her property to visitors which all donations going to charity. Once instead they are greeted with a world of natural beauty, giant sculptures and wildlife.

horsesculptures03 horsesculptures04 horsesculptures05 Recently she’s been diversifying the materials she uses to construct her sculptures, creating limited editions using fine bronze instead of driftwood she finds on the beach.

horsesculptures06Along with her eye-catching sculpting work, Jansch is also a prolific illustrator, often sketching and detailing her various ideas for new animals and designs.

horsesculptures07Sometimes she uses pencil and pen, other times watercolours and pastels – but the theme and focus on her love of animals always remains the same.

horsesculptures08Many of Jansch’s artworks are available for sale and even if you don’t have a place big enough to house one of her sculptures, prints, photos and her sketches are also available.

You can view her unique collection through her portfolio and find out about the avaialblity of specific artworks by sending her an email

p.s. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Heather creates a brand new stag sculpture from the ground up.

Source: youtube

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