Pup and Kitten Think They Are Related

Buttons the Jack Russell was rejected by her mother and Kitty the kitten was abandoned and later found on the street.  Button and Kitty were put together and they immediately seemed to like each other. The employees of the animal shelter even suspect that the two think that they’re sisters.

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Dogs Are My Favorite People And Here Is Why

Dogs have a special way of comforting, protecting, and overall…bringing happiness to their loved ones. It’s no wonder that dogs are considered “man’s BEST friend” and are my favorite people!


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Shy Shelter Dog FLIPS OUT After Realizing He’s Been Adopted

Much has been written about the impact adoption can have on the life of an unloved shelter pet — but words pale in comparison to seeing that unbridled joy first hand.


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Dogs Saying I Love You

We all know dogs love their humans, but have a look at how they actually express it.

Crotch Sniffing

dogsaffection3Ugh, this is an embarrassing one and how we wished our dogs can quit going around sniffing crotches. But before you start screaming at your dog, try to understand it. This behaviour is in fact a dog’s perculiar way of greeting. More importantly, apart from a hello, it allows the dog to understand and remember you through your scent.

Tail Wagging

dogsaffection8 Similar to a cat, a dog’s tail is a communication tool. In fact it is sometimes more accurate in translating its emotions than barking. Held at different positions, a dog’s wag could communicate excitement, fear, threat or submission. If your dog’s tail is held in a relaxed position and wagging all together with its entire butt, it means it is very happy to see you.

Following You Wherever You Go

dogsaffection6This is another behaviour that can get on your nerves, especially when your dog attempts to follow you to work! However, it is only a dog’s way to show his love, devotion and loyalty to you. Wherever you are, that is where your dog wants to be. Dogs are extreme social creatures and unlike humans, there is no need for solitude.

Leaning on You

dogsaffection1Whether you are sitting or standing, your dog is leaning on you and wouldn’t budge. You can’t move and you can’t get on with your daily routine. While you are wondering what they are up to, your dog has already got what they needed: your attention. Getting your attention and giving you their attention by leaning on you is their way of showing affection. Next time this happens, stop what you are doing and reciprocate with some love.


dogsaffection4It is no surprise when you see something like a smile on your dog. Dogs do smile too! Research has found that dogs can also show and use facial expressions similar to how humans do. A dog’s smile is another way of showing his love and joy to his owner. Having said that, most of us are guilty of not recognizing our dog’s smile.

Face Licking

dogsaffection7 Warm, sticky, wet and stinky! We know this can get annoying but licking a person’s face is a love gesture from a dog. Dogs lick faces for a few reasons. Mainly, if your pet dog is licking your face, he is trying to groom you! Grooming is an intimate gesture only done after a strong connection is made between dogs (so now you know he sees you as one of his kind). On the other hand, if a stranger dog licks your face, it is simply trying to say that he is harmless and friendly.

Sleeping with You

Sheltie sleeping with her owner Similar to wild wolve packs, wild dogs curl up together to sleep in the night. Rather than sleeping alone in his designated corner, your dog prefer to snuggle right next to you in your bed. If you catch your dog sneaking onto your bed or falling asleep next to you in your couch, it implies that you are his family.

Taking Care of You When You are Sick

dogsaffection2Does your dog stay by your bed and watch you the whole time while you are nursing a flu? This is its natural instinct to care for a sick or wounded family member, just as they would in the wild. A dog extends its love and care to its sick or injured owner by quietly and patiently watching over him/her. But make sure you hide any superficial wounds away from your dog! It might actually lick your wound as its form of first aid.

They Bring You Gifts

dogsaffection9Last but not least, they bring you gifts….possibly from your flower garden though… but you just gotta love them!  xoxo


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15 Incredible Photos That Prove Dogs Are Better Than Most People

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. If only everyone could be as generous, loving, and loyal as these dogs.


Lily and Madison

dogsbf01Lily, a completely blind Great Dane, was living a lonely and sad life until she met Madison. Madison was her seeing-eye partner, always staying close to her side and watching out for her at all times.

Bella and Bubbles

dogsbf02Size doesn’t matter when it comes to being best friends. Bubbles the elephant, who lives at Myrtle Beach Safari, was getting a new pool when the contractor building it decided to abandon Bella as a puppy. Bubbles took her in and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Ramen Noodle

dogsbf03This puppy doesn’t let the fact that he has no front legs slow him down at all. His owner says he still loves to play and chase after balls, like he doesn’t even realize he’s different.

This dog and her baby

dogsbf04After this chimpanzee’s mother died at the zoo, a zookeeper brought the baby home. His dog, who had recently had puppies, took the chimp in and raised it like her own.

Bonedigger and Milo

dogsbf05Bonedigger, a lion who suffered from a disease that left him partially disabled, quickly bonded with a wiener dog named Milo. The two have become inseparable, proving that species doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship.


dogsbf06After her owner died during the landslides in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, Leao sat by the grave for two consecutive days.

Kasi and Mtani

dogsbf07A dog and a cheetah, who were raised together as babies, are still the best of friends living at Busch Gardens. Zoo employees say the two run together, play together, think of each other as siblings, and will very likely be bonded for life.

This caring dog

dogsbf08Who adopted two orphan baby bunnies.

Lucas and Juno

dogsbf09When 4-year-old Lucas was diagnosed with a terminal disease, his parents considered getting him a service dog. But they were told he wasn’t a good candidate for one, and service dogs typically cost around $15,000. So instead Lucas’s father adopted Juno just days before she was supposed to be euthanized. The two not only were instant best friends, but Juno also had the ability to detect when the boy was about to have seizures or when his oxygen levels were too low.

This canine Romeo and Juliet pair

dogsbf10Nothing can keep them apart. Not color, breed, or even a fence.

These best friends

dogsbf11Proof that dogs don’t care if you’re rich or poor, they’ll love you just the same.

Hernan and Himalaya

dogsbf12Hernan is a toddler with Down syndrome who normally shies away from physical contact. But after Himalaya approached and nuzzled against him for a couple minutes, the boy opened up and gave her a heartwarming hug.

This faithful friend

dogsbf13Always staying by their friends’ sides.

This mother dog

dogsbf14Who rescued all of her puppies from a burning building and brought them to safety inside the firetruck.

This heroic dog