Purchases That Maybe Pricey But Definitely Worth It

The good people of AskReddit  were asked to reveal their purchases that have NEVER given them buyer’s remorse.

 1.  A Perfect Fitting Bra

purchases06Source: busse

“A good one can cost a good bit, but the comfort and support are SOOO worth it!” explains Redditor hugthelion.

2.  A Bike Helmet

purchases09Source: dno1967b

A good helmet, no matter what kind of bike you ride. “I’ve had cases where couple of my mates have ended up in hospital because of their shitty helmets – concussions, split head. Fuck…” said one Redditor.

3.  A Straight Razor

purchases12Source: coffeegeek

“Bought a 1940’s DE razor and my face is in love. Good for the environment over disposable razors and I’ll save money in the long term when it comes to buying razor blades,” says chemhemp.

4.  Condoms

purchases15 “A few bucks can save hundreds of thousands down the road… (Assuming you’re not looking to have kids of course.) Also STDs,” says ethanjf99.

5.  A First-Aid Kit

purchases18Source: aoa-adventures.com

“…these things are essential for emergencies where you, your family/friend or even a stranger endures catastrophic damage to their bodies. It’s better to be prepared than to watch someone bleed out while waiting for an ambulance,” explains zkei.

6.  A Good Mattress

purchases01Source: deadhomersociety.com

“I will never understand how a person can spend twenty grand on a car they sit in thirty minutes a day but will suddenly balk at spending fifteen hundred on something they will spend a third of their life on,” says Redditor BeerSteak.

7.  Renter’s Insurance

purchases03Source: gawker.com

“My apartment building burned down. Got an $18,000 cheque 2 weeks later. Cost of renter’s insurance? $15/month,” explained Redditor Sublimical.

8.  Wet Wipes

purchases21Source: guardian.com

“Being a cheapskate, I would have never bought wet wipes on my own, but since they were there at work to use when I was pooping, I used them…Holy cow! So awesome. Then when  I was at the store one day…I said “what the hell” and splurged on the wet wipes. That was 10 years ago, and I’d never go back,” said one Redditor.

9.  A Good Set Of Knives

purchases05Source: reddit.com

“A good knife will last for years and be much easier to use than a cheap blade that loses its edge right out of the box,” says Redditor The Praetor.

10. A Real Leather Belt

purchases10Source: flickr.com

“Make sure it’s REAL leather. Not that shitty pressed together department store crap,” advises one Redditor. I’ve been using the same one for 12 years now. Replaced a few buckles, but the belt is still good to go.”

11. Birth Control

purchases02 “Twenty bucks a month for a regular cycle, less hormones and no kids? YES!” says Redditor Sexualcatperson.

12. Deodorant

purchases07Source: vickivalediary.tumblr.com

“If you find a scent you really like, buy $1000 worth of that shit,” said Redditor Kalepsis. “Because the company will eventually stop making it.

P.S. Fuck you, Old Spice. Bring back Mountain Rush.”

13.  A Cab Ride Home From The Bar  (and back again in the morning to pick up your car)

purchases11Source: dhammza

“I once divided the total cost of my friend’s DUI by the average cab fare it takes me to get to the bars and realized I could take a cab every weekend for years and still come out cheaper than a DUI” explained the_dayman.

14. Regular Oil Changes

purchases14 Source: twodolla

Oil is literally the life-blood of your vehicle. “Your car won’t keep going places without routine maintenance,” points out yggtree.

15. The Right Plunger

purchases04Source: primermagazine.com

“I was disgracefully hung-over, and my brother had stacked all his clothes on the toilet. Tried pushing some breakfast down, and it noped out as fast as I swallowed it. Instead of chucking his clothes on the floor, I risked crapping my pants and just threw up in the sink. TL;DR a plunger really would have helped,” said Redditor Piece_Maker.

16. Top Shelf Tires

purchases17Source: cinnamonsnow

“You can have a top of the line car that has every latest safety feature known to man but none of it matters if you can’t stop when you get cut off,” explained Brain Pop. “Once you have driven on a set of good tires you will notice how much better the car feels overall. Plus a good set will last longer.”

17. A High Quality Computer

purchases08Source: rusacc.com

“You pay a low price, you get a shitty computer. You pay a lot of money and you get a kick ass machine. It is worth what you pay for it every time,” points out Redditor Madchemist94.

18. Traveling

purchases13“Seriously, the absolute best thing you could ever spend your money on is seeing the world, different perspectives and cultures, and experiencing things you would otherwise never experience. It completely changes you as a person for the better,” said Non_Sequitur_Ninja.

19. Chimney Cleaning

purchases19Source: mikesmobile.com

“I’m a chimney sweep. Clean your freaking chimneys! Yes it’s expensive, but it’s a specialty service and could save your life,” says Poo_.

20. High Speed Internet

purchases16Source: kirklau

“Internet Access is always worth the money,” says one wise Redditor. “The ability to connect to people all around the world is priceless. How else would we entertain ourselves in the bathroom?”

21. Black-Out Curtains

giphySource: cheezburger.com

“I just spent about $40 on two curtains and a curtain rod,” says b_deam. “I’ve been getting way better sleep and don’t start to toss and turn an hour before I have to get up. Also, I’ve noticed that since my cat seems to always want to sleep in the room he’s been sleeping in also. He’s like a rooster and wakes up at any sign on sunlight to stand on my chest and death stare me until I wake up to feed him.”


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