Pregnant Women Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costume

These pregnant women didn’t let their pregnancy interfere with getting into the Halloween spirit. Have a look at the very unique and clever costume ideas they came up with.


This master of the art of scaring.

This boogie wonderland.

This unicorn with a dark side.

This mom from a galaxy far, far away.

This punny mama.

This mummy-to-be.

pregnanthalloween06Giovanna Poucel Photography / Via Facebook: Giovanna

This mom who can predict the future.

This mother who came in like a wrecking ball.

This mom who is giving trick-or-treaters a peek-a-boo.

This spirited fan.

This mama who is giving Humpty Dumpty a safe place to rest.

Yikes! This mom who wasn’t afraid to go for the gore.

This pizza-loving mom.

pregnanthalloween13Shannon Smit / Via

This perfect pearl.

This mother who is terrifying the young ones.

This mom who is in full nesting mode.

This work of art who is growing a prize winner.

Source: buzzfeed

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