People Who May Have Solidified Themselves As Single For Life

Some people may prefer the single life but carrying on like this might hinder your chances of ever finding a mate.

What’s the opposite of being a wingman? I’m not even sure he knows who they are.


Remember in “Wiggle” when Jason DeRulo asked, “How’d you fit all that in them jeans?” This is who he was talking about.


Oh no. There isn’t enough Crest in the world to get that memory washed out of your mouth. singlelife02

Gross! Why would you pick that font?


He’s definitely on the beach with those lovely ladies. 100% for sure.

singlelife03Anytime a diaper is worn in your Tinder pic, it’s safe to bet you’re not going to go over on your daily right swipes.


No one has ever hooked up with a guy that had a custom Nintendo 64 jersey designed.


If you don’t trust, then how can you ever love?


The biggest issue isn’t the fake girl; it’s the phantom hand resting on his shoulder.


I’m sure the willing applicants are just lining up at the door.


No one has ever hooked up using the horn emoji. It’s just not possible.


That’s a Justin Bieber poster and I don’t even want to tell you what’s down at the bottom.


Really anyone who wears these shorts in public might as well hang it up.


Remember that song “She Blinded Me With Science?” This is the opposite of that.


Actually this picture may have gotten them a lot more dates than they expected.


The good news is that he didn’t add a girl into the picture like everyone else. The bad news is that he added himself into hers and made himself look like a mutant.


If those awkward puzzle pieces don’t ruin things before they start, they will as soon as you try to explain what they mean and why they’re shaped like that.


You’re never going to get another lady back to that house after they Google your address.


I’m done. This is where I draw the line.


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