Patios Designed For Your Feline Friends

These patios designed for our feline friends are sure to please almost any cat……you would think!  LOL


Now, you can make sure your feline friends safely enjoy the great outdoors thanks to these patios made specially for cats. Yes, catios!


Whether elevated on a porch or on the ground, catios are enclosed spaces for cats that let them explore, all while keeping them safe.


Some even come with little walkways for added exploration.


The catios can be cat-only spaces, or they can accommodate humans, too.


They can attach to windows and doors.


They can be attached to your fence as well.


The huge deluxe model where you can share the outdoor experience with your cats.


Catios don’t have to be huge if you don’t have the room.

patios8Even with something small like this, a cat can get some awesome outside time and pounce on plenty of leaves, insects, and shadows.

(via 22 Words)

If this all seems far too complicated, never fear. Catio Spaces offers a variety of models that can be easily attached to homes, as does Amazon. And if you’re handy, they also stock plans so you can build and customize your own catio. You can even do the whole thing yourself and create a custom catio for your furry friends. The possibilities for house cat-friendly exploration are endless!

Source: viralnova


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