Cats Who Are Just Trying To Be Helpful

If cats are trying to be helpful, you know they have an ulterior motive!  LOLOL

Making sure the dishes are clean.


You have been at it long enough, it’s time for a catnap!Helpful-Cats02

Just warming up your shoes.Helpful-Cats03

We both agree, time to call it a night.Helpful-Cats04

Looking good for another one of your endless selfie pics.Helpful-Cats05

Assisting with the homework.Helpful-Cats06

Getting ready for a stroll to the store, maybe for some catnip?Helpful-Cats08

Perfect resting place.  😉Helpful-Cats09

Laundry day is my favourite, fresh clean clothes to lie on.Helpful-Cats10

A perfect fit, so I sits!Helpful-Cats11

PFFT….you would rather play video games than look at me?Helpful-Cats12

Helping you pack, so you don’t leave home without me.Helpful-Cats13

Time to unhand the mouse,  NOW would be good!Helpful-Cats15Receptionist kitty sitting pretty at the office. Helpful-Cats16

I think I know where the missing piece is……Helpful-Cats17

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