Squirrel adopted by cats learns to purr

A Mississippi couple says their cat has adopted a squirrel that now purrs like a kitten.  WOW, this is incredible!

squirrel purrs

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People Of Walmart (Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO)

The photos are from peopleofwalmart.com and cover Walmart shoppers from California to Alaska to Maine to Florida. There is even one from Canada.  Walmart shoppers at their finest!

people of walmart


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One Of The Most Extreme And Disturbing Haunted Houses On The Planet

This isn’t your average haunted house… it’s honestly a walk through your worst nightmares, and by walk I mean gauntlet. Located in San Diego, McKamey Manor is one of the most intense and scariest haunted houses on the planet….. and that’s putting it lightly. Russ McKamey is the evil genius behind this haunt that he started about 14 years ago.

halloweenhsHere are a few requirements you must pass to even be able to enter: you now must be 21 years of age (previously was 18), you’re required to sign a wavier, and you must be in excellent physical condition. Only two people go in at a time, and get this… it can last anywhere from 4 – 7 hours. They actually now only take four people through the haunted house each week.


They’re allowed to touch you, gag you, put a bag over your head and pretty much anything that’s not illegal. It’s also one of the few haunted houses that stays open year round, and the only haunted house in the world where admission is free….. I’m serious. Check out the promo video below, it’s from 2013.

Think you can handle it?? Check out their website here and make your reservation…. oh and just because you make a reservation doesn’t mean you will get selected. It’s almost like by invitation only, or how Russ likes to call it, a “Golden Ticket”.

(via McKamey Manor) (Photo credits: McKamey Manor

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Amazing 14 Year Old Girl Playing Guitar Cover of Van Halen’s Eruption Solo

This 14 Year Old Girl Playing Guitar Cover of Van Halen’s – Eruption Solo is AMAZING! 

This is Tina S. and she just may be the next Eddie Van Halen! In this clip posted to YouTube back in 2013, Tina shows off her otherworldly guitar chops with a cover of the solo from Van Halen’s “Eruption.”

14-year-old-plays-guitar-soloThe clip lasts just a minute and a half, but that’s more than enough time for her to make believers out of anyone!! 

“With a lackadaisical look that suggests her performance is no big deal (such a rock star), Tina shreds the strings with such expertise you might find yourself looking for signs of CGI manipulation. Don’t bother—she’s the real deal.”

Watch her amazing talent right here, and please be sure to share this AWESOME clip…Thank You! 

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This Roller Coaster Dead-Ends In Mid Air

This roller coaster called Gravity Max would definitely have me saying, “OH SHIT!” If you’re brave enough to wanna tackle this “tilt coaster”, you’ll have to visit Taiwan’s Discovery World theme park.

Gravity Max

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