Guys Refuse To Answer! – Best of Family Feud

These guys refuse to answer on Family Feud and will keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them!

Watch how they react…it’s PRICELESS!


(From show FF10042)

Chatroulette – Call me Maybe Parody

The looks on all of their faces is almost as funny as the parody itself!  LMAO


Source: youtube

*Music by Carly Rae Jepsen

*Video created by Steve Kardynal

I’m Daddy and I Know It. (Parody of Sexy and I Know It) Video

I’m Daddy and I Know It. (Parody of Sexy and I Know It) Video

“I’m Daddy and I Know It” video is a parody of the song “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. The daddy in the video is Chad Morton, a stay at home dad from Utah. He originally made the video as a gag gift for his family, but little did he know…it would end up on and become such a hit!


Source: youtube


High Pitched Bieber By Stuggy Vines

Stuggy Vines does a high pitched version of Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” that is just too funny, you gotta see it!   LOL



Credit: StuggyVines


Shy Shelter Dog FLIPS OUT After Realizing He’s Been Adopted

Much has been written about the impact adoption can have on the life of an unloved shelter pet — but words pale in comparison to seeing that unbridled joy first hand.


Via: youtube

Lip Sync Battle – Channing Tatum & Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s “Pony”

This lip sync competition between Channing  Tatum and his wife Jenna, is simply awesome!  I think Jenna nailed it!


Badpiper Performs AC/DC’s Thunderstruck

This bag pipe player is known as Cam McAzie, “The Badpiper”.  ‘The world’s only flame throwing, leather clad, heavily tattooed, heavy metal piper’.  His performance of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck is simply awesome, check it out!


Source: youtube

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