Ad Placements You Will Likely Remember

Ad placements as clever as these, you will definitely remember!

Hungry Hungry Homerad 01Is this advertising The Simpsons or donuts? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, it’s very clever!

Ramping Up the Advertising ad 02This IBM advertisement is really cool. It says about smart ideas for smart cities and gives a ramp to help people with walking.

Climb Every Mountain ad 03These steps might just look like steps. But for someone who is disabled they’re a mountain. Very effective.

Folgers Coffee ad 04The best part of waking up is Folgers in your… road. Looks a lot better than a manhole doesn’t it?

Watch Out ad 05These straps on public transportation are so clever. They look just like watches. Whenever someone puts a strap around their wrist, it looks as if they are wearing that watch.

Mr. Clean ad 06Look at how well Mr. Clean wiped that line clean!

Homelessness ad 07 This very effectvely shows how hard it is to get off of the street. Homelessness is a big problem.

Hot Wheelsad 08 Better watch out or the kids will want to ride your car through this loop. Pretty cool, huh?

Give Me a Break!ad 09Yum, this bench looks good enough to eat. Don’t you just want a KitKat right now?

Stuttering Awareness ad 10Stuttering is a big problem. This is a great way to show what people who have this problem go through every day. It also gives them a voice.


Source: zingery

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