Accidental Spills That Will Make You Look Twice

Spilling something is always annoying, no matter what it is you’ve spilled and even more so if it stains.  That is not the case here, these accidental spills have become art in their own unusual way, be sure to check these creative spills out.

My Girlfriend Spilled Her Tea And… This Happened

Deer Formed From An Accidental Drop Of Black Paint

The Residue Of Black Paint Mixed With My White Paint And Made A Little Forest.

My Drink Was More Shocked I Spilled It Than I Was

This Stain On My Table Looks Like A Dog Passionately Taking In A Sweet Smell

The Spilled Ink On My Finger Looks Like A Forest Fire Have Taken Place

My Coworker Spilled Wine In The Office So I Turned It Into A Spazzy Cat, He Loved It

Found A Stain On A Restroom Wall That Looked Like A Panda

Work In A Paint Store, The Tint Came Out Looking Like A Volcano Erupting

Spilled A Bit Of Coffee. Came Back Later To See It Looking At Me




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