30 Signs Your Cat Might Be Plotting To Kill You

Do you ever get the feeling your cat might be plotting to kill you?  These felines just may raise some concern! LOLOL


They give you this face after a bath.

catstrykill02Source: imgur.com

You catch them staring at you from behind a wall.

catstrykill04Source: imgur.com

They whisper in tongues when they want to be let in.

catstrykill06Source: imgur.com

You get the feeling that someone is always watching you… and it’s always them.

catstrykill08Source: imgur.com

You’ve found the words “You’re next” written in mouse blood on your books.

catstrykill10Source: weknowmemes.com

You’ve sworn that their ears are turning into devil horns… but that’s just your imagination, right?

catstrykill12Source: ign.com


catstrykill13Source: deathandtaxes.com

They’ve started to take on oddly human-like features.

catstrykill14Source: handfulofcute.com

You frequently find them scheming in strange places.

catstrykill16Source: imgur.com

They always sit in the places where the light makes them look extra creepy.

catstrykill18Source: veryfunnypics.eu

You’re starting to feel like they’re targeting your other pets as well.

catstrykill20Source: cutestcatpics.com

They have begun stalking your family members.

catstrykill22Source: imgur.com

You’ve caught them watching you everywhere you go.

catstrykill24Source: imgur.com

They’ve tried to smother you in your sleep.

catstrykill26Source: imgur.com

They look way too much like the evil masterminds you see in movies.

catstrykill28Source: imgur.com

They’ve started to find new angles of attack.

catstrykill29Source: instagram.com

They hover over you as you sleep.

catstrykill01Source: Acid Cow

They give you this face for any reason whatsoever.

catstrykill03Source: imgur.oom

You hear mechanical noises when their eyes glow.

catstrykill05Source: imgur.com

You often feel like you need an adult when you’re around them.

catstrykill07Source: imgur.com

They rub their paws together and say, “Yes… YESSSS.”

catstrykill09Source: imgur.com

Their meows sound suspiciously like the word “soon.”

catstrykill11Source: dumpaday.com

You’re never sure if they’re coughing up a hairball or just laughing maniacally.

catstrykill15Source: worldcat.org

This happens.

catstrykill17Source: veryfunnypics.eu

Everything you do provokes a look of disgust from them.

catstrykill19Source: reddit.com

They’ve been a little “different” since they were kittens.

catstrykill21Source: imgkid.com

They’ve started to eat your food. ALL of your food.

catstrykill23Source: imgur.com

They’re starting to resemble an actual supervillain.

catstrykill25Source: imgur.com

You’ve suspected that they know how to use electricity to their advantage.

catstrykill27Source: imgur.com

They try to be friendly, when in reality, they OH GOD PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE ME!

catstrykill30Source: imgur.com

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