18 Moments That Only People Who Are Late For Work Will Understand

These Gifs absolutely NAIL what it feels like when you know you are running late for work!

Even if you sleep through your alarm, your subconscious mind knows that you’ve messed up. This causes your brain to send a signal to your body that says “Get out of bed as gracefully as possible.”

lateforwork01Then, you get ready in a calm and relaxed manner.

lateforwork02You try to have some breakfast, even though there’s not really time. At this point, you may be in denial about just how late you actually are.

lateforwork03Luckily, commutes that happen while running late are usually incident free.

lateforwork04 And when you finally get to work, you arrive without bringing too much attention to yourself.

lateforwork05When your deskmate asks where you’ve been, you’re not sure if you can trust him or not.

lateforwork06And when your boss comes to your desk to ask you why you were late, you try to distract her with your charm.

lateforwork07If you happen to be late on the day of a big meeting, you try to slide in to your seat at the table subtly, as if you had been there all along.

lateforwork08Suddenly, reality sets in: Since you were late this morning, you’re going to have to work late tonight.

lateforwork09This causes you to lash out at everyone in the office for the rest of the day, as if it were their fault that you stayed up too late watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix the night before.

lateforwork10The next order of business is to alert your friends that you’re going to be late for happy hour.

lateforwork11And when you’re finally finished working, you try to get to your friends as fast as humanly possible.

lateforwork12Unfortunately, it’s so late that they’re already paying the tab and heading out. They’re all disappointed in you.

lateforwork13 And frankly, you’re disappointed in yourself.

lateforwork14Defeated, you head home while trying to reassure yourself that tomorrow is a new day, and a new chance for you to be punctual.

lateforwork15When your family asks you how your day was, you try to act like nothing bad happened.

lateforwork16Finally, you collapse into bed with the full intention of getting up at least an hour early tomorrow.

lateforwork17But that’s obviously not going to happen.


Source Via: lifebuzz


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